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What is GEORED?

GEORED is the short name adopted for the project "Implementation of the National GPS Network for geodynamics” and the acronym for “Geodesia: Red de Estudios de Deformación” as the specific field application for the study and analysis of crustal deformation in Colombia.(Mora, 2006).

GEORED is a research and development project based on GPS instrumentation proposed and initiated by the Colombian Institute of Geology and Mining - INGEOMINAS in 2007. This project takes into consideration political relevance, economic import, social bearing, along with scientific, and technical pertinence, as an appropriate approach to cataloging, understanding and defining the geodynamics of northwestern South America in a multi-focused endeavor to reduce the associated hazards which include both earthquakes along with the potential tsunamis and destructive rock and debris avalanches and volcanic eruptions and their attendant lahars and debris flows. These are only manageable through cooperative, multi-channeled and informed decision making.

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